The familiar face will feature among the candidates for the 2023 Emmy animation.

Nominations are out for the 75th Annual Emmy Awards presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. As always, the list of candidates is surprisingly familiar.

This year's category of Outstanding animation programs includes Bob's Hamburger, Gendi Tartakovsky's Primal, Rick and Morty, and a roster of names familiar with the Simpsons, all of which have previously won awards. Closing this year's nominees is Netflix's limited series Entergalactic, the only newcomer from the group.

Surprisingly, there are no candidates in the category of this year's short animation program. The award was created in 2008 (under the name of the Outstanding Special Class Short-Format Animated Program), and this seems to be the first time there has been no single candidate. In a press release, the Television Academy explained:

Submissions were prepared in advance to determine nominations. None of the entries received 9/10 approval and were not nominated this year.

Series nominated for Outstanding Special vfx in seasons and films included Andor, House of Dragons, Our Last, Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Mandalorian.

Individual episodes from the six series include "Second Day" from five days at the Memorial, "It's a Good Day" from Nouvelle, "Rusalye" from Shadows and Bones, "Mama City" from Ted Lasso, "Marigold" from Umbrella Academy, and "Murder in Predicament" from Wednesday. Nominated for special visual effects.

This year's voice-over category features previous winners Alex Borstein (Family Guy) and Maya Rudolph (Big Mouth). The only other animated nomination went to Ali Wong for her performance as Bertie in Tuca & Bertie. The other 3 nominations are Julie Andrews (Queen Charlotte: The Story of Bridgerton), Mel Brooks (History of the World Part II), Wanda Sykes (Crank Yang

) and vfx Heavy Music Spectacle with Disney animation at the Hollywood Bowl. Encanto has excellent production design for Variety Special, Variety and Realistic

animation and a list of all candidates for the vfx category can be found below. A complete list of candidates for all categories can be found here.