A five-episode season of -Lackadaisy - is underway after producers raised more than11M in 1 week.

More Lackadaisy is on the way, after a crowdfunding campaign launched by producer Iron Circus Animation raised enough money, and then some, full, five

Traditionally, an aggressive crowdfunding campaign at Cartoon Brew has been launched by the campaign itself to raise money for the story. It does not cover except in the most exceptional circumstances, which is not the case in the United States.

The campaign's original goal was$125,000, which seemed modest given the viral success of a pilot episode released by the company a few months ago; This 30-minute video has been viewed more than 4 million times in 1,000 months.

Hours after the new crowdfunding campaign was launched on 7/25/6, the commitment was overト300,000. Within less than 1 week, the campaign passed aマ100 million milestone. Where the final tally ends is anyone's guess, but the film crew used the further funds raised to create more animations.

Lackadaisy is based on the Prohibition-era webcomic of the same name Tracy Breter. Its pilot was directed by Fable Siegel, he talked with us on 4 May about the work needed to adapt the original cartoon, the aesthetic choices made between development and production, and the balancing act needed when animating anthropomorphic cats.

After crossing the million dollar milestone, Siegel said:

Our three-year experience running the studio has taught us a lot about the animation process and what we want to do in the future to create more animated episodes of Lackadaisy. It gave me a great idea of what I wanted to do.

Iron Circus producer Spike Trotman added:

The Internet has a lot of stories about animated series and movies that debuted with great fanfare and promise, but shelved, groped, canceled, locked in vaults, pulled from streaming or left to die on a vine.There is no reason other than to balance the book of corporate mergers or get a tax cut. We do not want it for Lackadaisy. We want to maintain ownership, direction and supervision. We want to make more of what millions of viewers have already come to love about our animation. And beyond that, we feel we have come to the fore at a potentially critical moment for the future of independent animation. We have a chance to help establish a new normal. We don't just want to do this, we want to prove that we can do it.