Bruce Lee will be animated in the new fantasy series "House of Lee", which will appear in 2024.

Enter the Dragon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the martial arts classic, Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee is set to premiere the new animated series, Lee's House, Bruce Lee Entertainment, Shibuya, and

next year, and the series already has a trailer to appear ahead of the Anniversary Enter the dragon before the screening next week.

The trailer was directed by Yang and the storyboard was drawn by Phuncal. Beijing-based Shockunit Studio animated the clip. The animators were Wang Ying and Zang Ya, the synthesis was processed by Kim Ho and Yang, edited by yang and Maciej Kuciara, and color-graded by maciej Kuciara.

According to Deadline, who announced the series billed as an action/fantasy story in which Bruce Lee gathers a group of dragon warriors to save the world from the forces of darkness, the show was inspired by one of Bruce Lee's most frequently repeated quotations: 1. "Walking in the Dark

Shannon Lee said she decided to work in Shibuya after seeing the animated short White Rabbit, which can be streamed here with English subtitles

Shibuya co・founded a group of animation and vfx artists last year and is a fashion designer. He raised funds for the project through collaborations with brands, music labels, media and other companies and through the sale of Nft. According to the deadline report, the platform has already raised the necessary funds to produce Lee's house.

The Shibuya website explains its philosophy as follows.

Our mission is to change the way films and short films are made. Our platform provides potential movies with an all-in-one solution for crowdfunding, community building, and incorporating interactive storytelling elements into movies and shows.

Speaking to Deadline, Shannon Lee said, "I love the perspective of Emily and Shibuya. They are such creative, hardworking and skilled artists with great brands, I knew they would be perfect collaborators. The organic way it all came together speaks volumes of our potential collaboration and it's great"