"Lackadaisy" wraps the crowdfunding campaign with more than資金200 million in funding.

Viral sensation Lackadaisy has ended its recent crowdfunding campaign and raised an incredible55 million to be used to create a 200-episode season. Not bad, given that the show's producer, Iron Circus Animation, only set an initial goal of11 to produce 125,000 episodes.

As previously reported, when the campaign reachedド100 million, its 1-episode orders soared to 5. When the campaign reached reached1.5M, Iron Circus Animation promised to produce 5 Lackadaisy mini-episodes on top of 3 full episodes.

Lackadaisy is based on the ban・era webcomic of the same name by Tracy Butler. Its pilot was directed by Fable Siegel, he talked with us on 4 May about the work needed to adapt the original cartoon, the aesthetic choices made between development and production, and the balancing act needed when animating anthropomorphic cats.

Now, with the completion of the campaign's final stretch goal, Iron Circus Animation has released a Blu-ray and additional stuffed-in Blu-ray for the entire Lackadaisy primary cast, including Mitzi, Serafine, Nico, Viktor, Wick and Zib, including Season 1 of Lackidaisy, 3 mini-episodes, and the original package. This is the first time I've ever seen a video of a movie that I've ever seen.

The Lackadaisy crowdfunding campaign has been for history books. 7/25 6 hours after it was launched, the commitment was over 300,000 surpassed. Within less than 1 week, the campaign passed aマ100 million milestone. Now, in just over a month, Lackadaisy has completed its campaign with 2,008,728 to 16,053 supporters back.

Once the campaign is complete, Butler told us:

I'm just overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for this project. I have no words, really, but I at least I can type. I was working on Lackadaisy as a cartoon for years in relative isolation, with a moderate size but stable true audience. That last part made all the difference. I am so grateful to those who then saw something special in the cartoon, because they made it possible to step into the financing of the pilot. Now we have proceeded to make the first season of full animation. Lackadaisy's steadfast supporters, Fable's incredible directing and animation skills, and Spike, with business sensibility and creative ambition, proved to be the exact cocktail of superpowers to take us to this place.

Siegel Added:

I'm completely overwhelmed. Our crew worked their butt off for three years in a period of historic upheaval, and – despite everything thrown at us – with incredible pilots I am so incredibly proud of them and what they have achieved, and they have been my guiding stars through all this mess. Thanks to Lackacrew for making it happen with the support from our audience, I can assure them that they will continue to benefit from that amazing effort.