Finnish animation producer Gigglebug Entertainment is launching a dedicated adult animation banner, Stitches.

Finland's Gigglebug Entertainment, the developer and producer of Disney's 101Dalmatian Street and The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti, has launched a dedicated adult animation division, revealing its first project in the pipeline, the workplace comedy "Soap."

A new adult animated banner, branded like Stitches, was set up to develop "bold, quirky and experimental comedy content from the modern voice." "The label is looking to leverage the talent of Gigglebug's 100 in-house artists and designers to develop an adult-oriented concept like never before," he added.

In Stitches will be overseen by Gigglebug's existing management team, including CEO and co-founder Anttu Harlin, Creative Director and co-founder Joonas Utti, and managing director Beth Parker. According to Harlin:

We have a great pool of talent under the roof and browsing their personal portfolio continues to blow our minds – they have so many fresh, bold and hilarious ideas that we want to develop with family-focused work. It's a good idea. In Stitches is in line with Gigglebug's DNA as it is also driven by a desire to spread joy, but it pushes boundaries to adult viewers and more dangerous content.

Here's what we know about Soap, the first In Stitch project looking for buyers on next month's MIPCOM