Dreamworks has debuted a trailer for the animated horror series "Fright Krewe" from creators Eli Ross and James Frey.

Dreamworks Animation de trailer for its animated horror series Flight Crew, created by Eli Ross and James Frey

The show will debut on Hulu and Peacock on 10/2 and will continue to entertain "older kids" audiences with Halloween accumulations. We are aiming to become the world's leading provider of high-tech products.

Ross built his reputation with gory adult horror films such as Cabin Fever, Hostels and Grindhouse. More recently, however, he has broadened his aims, and Fright Krewe has been more appropriately compared to his 2018 PG-rated film The House with A Clock in Its Walls.

This is not Ross's first venture into animation, but his previous work is not particularly noteworthy. In 1999, he co-produced the wrestling-themed series Chowda Head, and in 2003 directed the Monkey-inspired stop-motion series Rotten Fruit. His most famous animated effort was directing the trailer for Dark Souls in 2016.

Frey, the controversial author of one million small works, worked on the show through his production company Full Fazom Five.

Here's everything Dreamworks has shared so far about Fright Krewe: