Watch the trailer for Superprod's CG fantasy football series, Heroic Football.

French Superprod Animation is throwing a new series, Heroic Football, at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse this week, and Cartoon Brew is being given exclusive access to the first trailer of the show.

Packed with vivid colors, well-designed monsters, and some fun soccer action, the trailer has done an impressive job with recent kids and family shows such as Warner Bros. Discovery's Batwheel, Netflix's Spirit Rangers and Supa Team4, and Nickelodeon and M6's Paddington. This is all you would expect from Superprod to have.

Here's an overview for superprod's heroic football, which is intended for tween Eight and up audiences:

Pangaea, a legendary land populated by magical rune-infused creatures borrowed from the "Heroic Fantasy" realm, believes that football is just a sport. There is no God; it is the only salvation of the world. To win a heroic football game and secure the enigmatic dark loon before time runs out: Against all odds of five players who got together

According to Superprod Group founders Jérémie Fajner and Clément Clavet, this new series shows the transition to the studio's older strata [9

Each project we do aims to attract a more mature audience with fresh Lelu heroic football, fusing the exhilaration of football with the charm of storytelling and shaping this trait into a true saga.

The series was written by prolific French screenwriters Guillaume Motalent (Miraculous Ladybug, Galactic Football) and Sebastian Ursell (Galactic Football, Smurfs 2022), and Motalent. Director Antoine Charreyron (Batwheels, The Prodigies), another Galactik football vet, will direct every episode of the new series.

The visual development of Heroic Football was led by Florent Auguy, whose character design work is included in Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse and the video game Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Becoming Human.

The trailer for Heroic Football was created entirely using the Superprod Flow pipeline built on top of Pixar's open source Universal Scene Description tech. Superprod was the first French studio to create a pipeline using open source software, and it went public earlier this year.