The "Bad guys" director tries to teach the voice actors of the film how to draw

Studio promos for animated films tend to cut from the same cloth, but here's a fun idea we've never seen before.

As a promo for Dreamworks Animation's upcoming The Bad Guys, the studio gathered four of the film's voice actors – Anthony Ramos, Sam Rockwell, Lilly Singh, Marc Maron – for a drawing lesson.

Director Pierre Perifel leads the session as he attempts to teach the actors how to draw the film's lead character, Mr. Wolf:

It's a light-hearted piece, but also perhaps a humbling reminder for voice actors: They get all the public-facing credit for animated characters, but the artists behind the scenes are the real heroes who makes these characters live and breathe onscreen.

So how'd the actors do- As Perifel tells Anthony Ramos at the end of the video, tongue-in-cheek of course, “You should stick to acting.”