"Icarus" trailer arrives ahead of theatrical release in France

The visually striking animated feature Icarus (Icare) is set to open in French theaters on March 30.

A new trailer has been released:

The independently produced European co-production was made in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. Carlo Vogele, a former Pixar animator, directed the film. Nicolas Steil of Iris Productions and Jean-Michel Rey of Rezo Productions produced the film.

Cartoon Brew debuted the concept trailer for the film in 2017, back when the film was still in development. At the time, Vogele explained how the film would add new twists to Greek mythology. “The idea is to imagine the youth of the young Icarus, a part that goes unmentioned in the myth as we know it,” he said.

Here is the synopsis for the completed feature:

No U.S. distribution has been announced at this time.