Qyou Media Launches Pioneering adult animation Channel in India

Good news for young Indian adults who like animation: a new tv channel catering to them is about to launch in the country.

The Q Kahaniyan will air animation aimed at the 15–35 age group. Billed as “India's first and only television channel featuring this style of alternative animation 24/7,” it will be available at launch on smart-tv and mobile-app-based platforms.

The channel will be operated by Qyou Media, which operated in India and the U.S., and produces and distributes “content created by social-media stars and digital-content creators.” The company's flagship channel in India is The Q India, which has aired several animated shows, including Dilchasp Kahaniya and Anokhi Kahaniya. Watch a teaser for another one of its series, Daravni Kahaniya, below:

India is one of the world's fastest-growing markets for smart televisions, with shipments in the country increasing by 65% year on year in the quarter ending in June 2021. Qyou is eyeing the audience created by this boom. As co-founder and CEO Curt Mavis, a former president of Lionsgate Digital, put it in a statement:

The second channel is The Q Marathi, which is due to launch on January 31. It will target a young demographic among the 84 million speakers of the Marathi language.

We recently spoke to the creator of Youtube horror channel Khooni Monday, a hub for Hindi-language animation. Its videos, which often get millions of views, are another indicator of the growing appetite for adult animation in the country.

Image at top: “Daravni Kahaniya”