"Bob's Burger Movie," the first trailer for Disney's first 2D feature in more than a decade

After years of delays, reschedulings, and stretches of radio silence, The Bob's Burgers Movie is gearing up for a release on May 27. The trailer for the spin-off film has dropped at last.

We find the Belcher family in trouble: a sinkhole has opened in front of their restaurant, blocking access. While parents Bob and Linda try to salvage their business, the children embark on an epic adventure in order to save the restaurant. Watch the trailer below:

The film, the first feature based on the long-running Fox sitcom, is directed by series creator Loren Bouchard and Bernard Derriman, a producer and former supervising director on the show. Bouchard wrote the script with Bob's Burgers regular Nora Smith, and the pair produced the film alongside Janelle Momary. Disney's 20th Century Studios produced the film. The animation is led from the U.S. by L.A.-headquartered Bento Box, with numerous international studios involved in the production including Seoul's Yeson Entertainment and Montreal's Tonic DNA.

20th Century Studios is planning an exclusive theatrical release, though the calendar is still in flux: Disney recently pulled Pixar's Turning Red from its March theatrical release slot, rerouting it to Disney+.

First announced in 2017, The Bob's Burgers Movie was initially due for a 2020 release. Things went quiet as Fox was purchased by Disney, then the film briefly dropped off Disney's release schedule - apparently by mistake - in late 2019. The pandemic caused further delays. When it finally comes out, it will end up being Disney's first 2d feature since 2011's Winnie the Pooh.