Time Studio is developing an animated children's series based on the NFT project

While some studios rush to market NFTs based on their shows, one company is going in the other direction.

Time Studios, the venerable magazine's production arm, is working on a kids' animated series inspired by a collection of non-fungible tokens. Pablo Stanley's Robotos project consists of 10,000 randomly generated, simply animated robot characters sold as tokens (see them here).

The show will be produced by Time Studios' new kids and family division. More such projects seem to be in the pipeline, the division's head Maria Perez-Brown saying in a statement, “We see an untapped opportunity to work alongside NFT creators like Pablo who are bringing rich and intricate collections of characters into the world.”

Stanley added, “I'm grateful to the NFT space, which has supported artists like me and has had such a positive impact on creators' lives. NFTs are bringing art, community, and technology together to create something unique and innovative - the future of storytelling and world-building.”

Animation artists and studios have been quick to capitalize on the NFT craze, which took off this year. Fox and Bento Box Entertainment, for instance, have launched the company Blockchain Creative Labs to help clients develop NFT-based initiatives. A handful of animators have made huge sums selling tokens of their work.

NFT trading has also drawn criticism over everything from instances of fraud to the potential size of the technology's carbon footprint.