Exclusive: Great Wolf Resorts will unveil a new look character ahead of the first feature, the "Great Wolf Pack"

Great Wolf Resorts, North America's largest chain of indoor waterpark resorts, has given its characters a makeover for their first animation outing.

Earlier this year, the Chicago-based company launched Great Wolf Entertainment, a division charged with creating content based on its roster of woodland characters. It is at work on animated feature The Great Wolf Pack, which is due to be released in summer 2022.

The film stars the members of the Great Wolf Pack: Wiley Wolf, Violet Wolf, Oliver Raccoon, Sammy Squirrel, and Brinley Bear. Using the power of a fantastical geyser, the pack are magically transported to whimsical worlds where challenges and dilemmas await. The new-look characters can be seen in the first image below, on the top row (with their former incarnations on the bottom row), and in the second image:

Veteran talent is involved with the project. The Great Wolf Pack will be directed by Chris Bailey (animation supervisor, Garfield: The Movie; director, Oscar-nominated Mickey Mouse short Runaway Brain) and written by Kent Redeker (Doc McStuffins, Ridley Jones).

Redeker is also executive-producing, as is Julia Pistor (producer, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie; executive producer, Netflix's upcoming The Magician's Elephant). Animation studio Six Point Harness (Hair Love, Tig Notaro: Drawn) is onboard.

Beyond the feature, Great Wolf Entertainment is at work on ten short-form animation projects that will explore the characters' backstories, as well as five kids' storybooks and other, as-yet-unannounced projects. It is also overseeing the continued development of its in-resort interactive video game Magiquest.

Brooke Patterson, Great Wolf Resorts' svp, brand experiences, says of the company's new initiative: