Watch the whimsical CG creatures parade on your screen forever in "Infinity

Are you tiring of the endless parade of tried-and-tested IP coming out of the major animation studios- Then try Infinity, an endless parade of cg characters you're guaranteed never to have seen before.

The shaggy creatures in this video work are generated from code, each given a unique form, color, texture, and gait (though we could have sworn we saw Elmo stroll past). They walk from left to right, and that's it. The live stream is set up to go on forever - or, more specifically, for two weeks. Watch it below:

Infinity is the brainchild of Universal Everything, a collective of digital artists. The project's creative director is Matt Pyke, with Adam Samson serving as Unity developer and Simon Pyke doing the sound. It was launched on Wednesday, July 28, and at the time of writing 504,434 creatures have graced its frame. We're so transfixed, we'll probably still be here for the millionth visitor. [UPDATE – 8/1/2021: For unknown reasons, the stream was restarted at a new link, so the counter has been reset.]

“As well as online live streams,” said Matt Pyke in a statement, “the studio is also exploring the interactive potential of infinite, code-generated artworks, and the opportunities for figures based on people and elements from the worlds of fashion, nature, and more.”