Nielsen's latest movie Streaming The seven movies of the top ten are animated

Pixar's Luca topped an animation-heavy movie streaming ranking in Nielsen's latest ratings.

In the week of June 14–20, seven of the ten most-streamed films in the U.S. were animated, according to the market research firm. The chart is as follows, with animated titles in bold.

Luca, which debuted on June 18, was by far the most watched movie of the week. As the film is 100 minutes long, its 1.57 billion minutes of viewing time equate to approximately 15.7 million views - or more, if we assume viewers turned off when the end credits started rolling at 87 minutes.

Its performance is comparable to that of Pixar's last film, Soul, which launched in the top spot in December with 1.67 billion minutes. Like Soul, Luca was initially meant to come out in theaters but was rerouted to Disney+, where it played at no extra charge.

An important note: Nielsen's ratings are estimates made with the help of tracking hardware installed in a representative sample of homes; the company doesn't have access to streamers' internal data. What's more, it only counts views on tv sets (as opposed to phones or computers), and only includes Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix in its rankings.

Streaming companies have been reluctant to share official viewership data, although that is changing to some extent. Netflix releases numbers for some of its biggest hits. Disney surprised the industry last weekend by revealing that Marvel's Black Widow debuted with $60 million on Disney+, where it is available for a premium fee (while also playing in theaters).